October 31st.
A funny day, they said,
for an anniversary.
There is nothing funny about it,
at least not now
that this is the third year
you’ve kept me awake
with the dark
and a rude sort of absence.

My Jack-o’-Lantern is faceless.
It has been this way all afternoon,
racking the drawers like any good maniac
for my favourite knife—
finding photographs like ghosts
until finally
I carve with remarkable calm,
the wet hiss and thud of letters—
dead syllables cut clean.
Tug slimy seeds from the mind.
No lunatic smile, no crooked teeth,
the smooth blade chewing your name
until the sweetness of flesh is unbearable
and so like you I could faint.

This colossal crown my trophy,
my hand on a lover’s skull.
No treat, but a trick of the mind
to hear you knock on the door
after three cold years.
October 31st.
A funny day, they said,
to be longing.
Surprise me with a haunting.


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One response to “Jack-o’-Lantern

  1. radiantF

    This is so raw, love it! My fave line is ‘tug slimy seeds from the mind, no lunatic smile’! 🙂 You almost don’t need to say the date as the language is thick with images of Halloween 🙂 Very tactile description of the pumpkin.

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