The Female Nude


I have done it. I have done it in this room

in broad daylight: unravelled myself to the human shape,

shown them the flush of my cheek. I shoulder away

my silk scarf, seize a whole breast in my hand.

The lamp gawps. Under the glass eye

my boot tips, a leather confession.


I do not keep myself secret

but arch like a bronze-eyed Greek.

This is the shape of the female nude,

her bald toes ten revelations.


I have scattered my string of shy pearls.

They vanish in heaps of blue silk, gold rings,

the virginal white cotton blouse.

Shutters whir and snap, the black eyelid.

This is the hand I raise to my hair,

the palm that has cut me from mirrors.

Skin cells, not pixels. Resolutions of flesh.

This is the body of woman.



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3 responses to “The Female Nude

  1. This is amazing, very inspiring

  2. “I have scattered my string of shy pearls” – alone was worth the effort of reading. It is a line which repays careful thought (they turn up in all the best poems).
    “Bronze-eyed Greek” is nearly as good: there are lots of delicious moments in this piece.

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